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The Measure of a Good Sermon, Lauterbach

Returning home from the Resolved conference and having had my heart shepherded to Christ time after time under amazing preaching on the most amazing of subjects, the gospel, I decided to get caught up on the blogosphere. The first place I went is the place I always go on the blogosphere when I have only limited time: GospelDrivenLife and found "The Measure of a Sermon" series. It has affected my heart and my motives toward my own teaching. I believe that it will also have profound impact on the way that I read my Bible. I urge you to read it. Below I have compiled some quotes, one from each entry as a means of linking to the series for you and as a means of encouraging you to make the click. (read more...)

My Endless, Blissful Theme Is Ever New

"My endless, blissful theme is ever new; Jesus and His salvation will never wear out. I would never have any sit down satisfied, but still press on after fuller revelations of Jesus; for there are heights and depths in the love of Christ of which the most favored have no conception, and there are beauties and glories in e have yet beheld. Oh! I would have none rest short of the revelation of His person, though His benefits are all precious. Things of earth often repeated grow stale, but the same view of a precious Jesus a thousand times over is ever new. When Jesus shows Himself b newly slain; and is not His sacrifice, as an odor of a sweet smell, as fragrant as though but just offered without spot unto God? Oh, yes, He is ever the same and will be to all eternity. The glories, beauties, and excellencies of His person are infinite; and from these boundless sources our finite minds will be feasted for ever and ever."

Ruth Bryan
The Marvelous Riches of Savoring Christ: The Letters of Ruth Bryan
p. v

He That Loves God Love His Bible

God's words must be laid up on your heart, that our thoughts may be daily conversant with them and employed about them, and thereby the whole soul may be brought to abide and act under the influence and impression of them. This immediately follows upon the law of loving God with all your heart; for those that do so will lay up his word in their hearts both as an evidence and effect of that love and as a means to preserve and increase it. He that loves God loves his Bible.
-Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry's Commentary on the whole Bible
Deuteronomy 6:4

The Effect of Theology

If our theology does not quicken the conscience and soften the heart, it actually hardens both; if it does not encourage the commitment of faith, it reinforces the detachment of unbelief; if it fails to promote humility, it inevitably feeds pride.



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