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More Pics of My Daughter

Pics from Elianna's birthday! Elianna means "My God Answers", and o how He has! What a blessing she is! Please pray for her with us and thank God with us.

If you're having trouble seeing the slideshow above, click here to see the slideshow at flickr

Resources for Fighting Sin In Light of God's Grace

On Sunday at church, Smedly Yates, while preaching on Romans 6:12-14, suggested that we should put together a list of helpful resources on fighting sin in light of God's grace. Here's my list in no particular order:

  • Overcoming Sin & Temptation by John Owen (ids. Kapic & Taylor) (WTS | Amazon)
  • When I Don't Desire God by John Piper (WTS | Amazon)
  • The Enemy Within by Kris Lundgaard (WTS | Amazon)
  • Living the Cross-Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney (WTS | Amazon)
  • The Doctrine of Repentance by Thomas Watson (WTS | Amazon)
  • Keeping the Heart by John Flavel (amazon)
  • Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices by Thomas Brooks (WTS | Amazon)
  • The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges (WTS | Amazon)

I pray that this list serves you well as you slowly, prayerfully, and dependently work your way through the books on it.

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Bill Cosby on Natural Childbirth

Bill cosby has helped us know better what to expect in the coming days or weeks as it looks like we will soon be going through "natural child birth":

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Free mp3

You can get a free mp3 download from Amazon through the pepsipoints promotion: go to

I recommend you get any music you download through a service that gives you mp3s that are DRM-free. My favorites for this include Amazon and Basically, if you can avoid it, don't use iTunes as your tracks are in a less compatible format and many are crippled to only work on apple products.

Consider For Your Homepage

When you start up your browser, what comes up? Consider using a resource that I just created as your page. I created it for myself and friends as a well organized, image-based homepage having just about every site on it that I normally go to. The idea is that when I start up the browser it won't be so distracting as to distract me from my original point. It will keep me from hand-typing the URL's that I generally go to. So surf over to and see if you think it would be useful.

If you love it and will use it but want some icons replaced, send me 43x43 pixel images for each one you want replaced as well as the URL you want it pointing to, and I will consider making you your own version of the page.

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Limited Atonement & God's Love

"It is necessary for believers to understand the special nature of God's love for them. 'The Son of God loved me and gave himself for me' (Gal 2:20), is not a statement that gives security to all. To deny the special love of GOd, and to believe that Christ loves all men equally, is to suppose that Christ has done no more for those the Father has given to him than for mankind at large. But if CHristians are no more loved than those who will finally be lost, the decisive factor in salvation becomes, not God's grace and love, but somethin in them, and their perseverance becomes dependent upon themselves. To widen the atonement, and to speak of it only in terms of general love, is to take away its saving power. The believer in Christ needs to know that the love which embraces him is eternal, almighty, and immutable. It does not hang upon his faith for it went before faith."

Iain Murray
The Cross: The Pulpit of God's Love
p. 24

Similarly: From Shai Linne's The Atonement:

(read more...)

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Free Audiobook: Martin Luther In His Own Words

ChristianAudio's free audiobook for May 2008 is Martin Luther: In His Own Words. Simply add the download option to your cart, enter May2008 as the coupon code when you're checking out, and download it for free.


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Review: The Cross He Bore by Frederick Leahy (5/5 Stars)

With only 83 pages and 13 chapters Leahy's The Cross He Bore is pregnant with thought-provoking and soul-humbling truth that caused me often to just cry out as a beggar to God in awe, in love, in gratefulness, and in humble pleading for faith and grace.

Basically what Leahy does in this book is walk the reader through Christ's last hours on earth, His Passion. Dealing in 13 chapters with different aspects and scenes from those hours, the divinity of Christ and His humanness are both kept sharply in focus. The sin of mankind both for which Christ was dying and the sins of those who directly took part in His murder are not deminished, but neither is the fact that "It was the will of the Lord to crush him" that it was the Lord who "has put him to grief" (Isaiah 53:10).

I recommend that you read this book in a quiet place with little destraction with your Bible by your side. Read it one chapter at a time and then sit and re-read, and pray. Let the Spirit take you back to the foot of the cross where you gaze up at your only hope, the King of the universe hanging in misery, damnation, and ultimately victory. Look at the cross he bore and realize that with such a high price to secure our salvation, anything that we hope to add or to repay will only be an insult to His gift, diminishing its value and His glory. Let the Spirit take you to the foot of the cross where you realize who we are, we are all beggars.

(read more...)

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