Derek Webb Didn't Answer My Question

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Derek Webb Didn't Answer My Question

In anticipation of the release of Mockingbird. I was so excited when Tim Challies told me that he was going to ask Derek Webb the question that I submitted for his interview (part 1 here, and part 2 here). My question was
In your opinion, what is the most underappreciated of your songs and why?
The sweet thing about Derek Webb's music is that some of the coolest and most thoughtful concepts which he communicates, which really show that he is writing from his heart, come out in some of the most non-catchy of his music. So much of people's (like mine) favorite songs are their favorite because the tune sticks in their head. My two personal favorite Derek Webb songs are "The Church" (from She Must and Shall Go Free) and "Ballad in Plain Red" (from I See Things Upside Down). So I was excited to hear how he'd answer. Well guess what? He totally avoided the question. I guess that it was a hard question to answer thoughtfully on the spur of the moment, so Derek, if you stumble upon this post, now that you've had time to think about it, I'd love to hear your answer.

Jacob, what is the most underappreciated of your blog posts and why?
by: Brian Jones () (URL) - 18 November '05 - 07:37
Thanks for asking. I think it’s a tossup between:
1) My Name is John Daker:
2) The Gospel in Radical Hospitality:
3) When God the Father Hated Jesus Christ His Son

I’m going to have to land on the 3rd out of those 3, with #2 coming in a close 2nd, because the Gospel is something that I must be constantly preaching to myself. It is a topic about which I must never stop thinking about, blogging about, talking about, and reading about. And I am sorta sad that the most read blog topics swirl around controversy
by: Jacob Hantla () (URL) - 18 November '05 - 09:16
I could always ask Derek this question the next time I’m interviewing him for []. :)
by: Geof F. Morris () (URL) - 29 December '05 - 11:34
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