Blogging: Controversy or Edification?

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Blogging: Controversy or Edification?

Tim Irvin, commenting on the "The Soap Opera Called 'Blogging'," writes,
The goal of blogging seems to have turned from posting something of practical benefit and edification, like Bible Studies, Sermons and Theological Essays to posting something that attracts the most response and attention from readers. It's kind of a shame that so many gifted and talented writers are devoting so much of their energy to the trivial and mundane.
The fact of the matter is that my controversial stuff is the stuff driving traffic to my site; I suspect that's how it is with everybody. Almost nobody hands out trackbacks for a pastoral, edifying blog posts. I want to be clear that pastoral and edifying posts can be, at the same time, controversial. But their end must be God's glory not winning a fight, and their tone must be gracious and humble, while even at the same time defending truth (Pyromaniac has an excellent warning for me against a postmodernist perspective on internet controversy).  So while once again, renewing my commitment to blogging consistent with the title of my blog, I would like to refer you to a few of my favorite blogs that are consistently godlike in their tone, manner, and content*:
*Not an exhaustive list. Limited to those that popped into my mind as I wrote this. I would love to have readers help point us to other God-ward blogging

Jacob – I’m honored that you’d include me. I really enjoy your blog.
by: Chris - 26 November '05 - 13:16
Scratch, scratch… thanks for the links.
by: Tim () (URL) - 26 November '05 - 16:52
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Title: Blogging: Controversy or Edification?
Date posted: 26 November '05 - 06:48
Category: blogging
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