Carbonite Online PC Backup

I recently purchased and installed Carbonite PC Backup. Basically, Carbonite is a utility that backs up all of a computers data via the internet to a secure remote server. It operates in the background and recognizes as soon as a file has been created or updated and automatically uploads the file to the remote archive. There is absolutely no limit to the size of your backup, no bandwidth limits, and no extra charges for use. My backup archive is 190 GB.

The price is very good, far better than anything else I have found. The current price is $50 per year. However, at, there is currently (Until February of 2009) a $30 rebate, bringing your first year to $20. Even at $50, it's a great value.

I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Before Carbonite, I backed up to external harddrives. I always had the fear of a robbery or house fire in the back of my mind, however. So I would perform periodic backups to dvd of the extremely important files on my computer for storage in a safety deposit box. The process is very time consuming and not entirely effective; also because of the pain and time associated with performing regular backups, I've noticed that the time interval between backups has grown longer and longer: At the time of install of Carbonite, it had been more than 2 months since the previous backup. Now, whenever my computer is connected to the internet, Carbonite performs automatic updates, keeping my backup up-to-date at all times.

Installation was easy. I was able to specify which folders I wanted Carbonite to monitor. My only complaint is that I am unable to backup networked harddrives and external harddrives. So if you have a small on-computer hard disk and regularly use files on an external or networked disk, those files will not back up. So beware. As soon as I installed, Carbonite went to work uploading the files. That was it. Each file has a color-coded dot on its icon indicating its backup status. You can control whether or not a file is backed up along with its backup priority from the right-click menu. It really is a pretty transparent program, making you forget that it's operating.

I have noticed no slowdown in the internet with my other programs. My upload rates to ftp sites I regularly upload to is the same as it was prior to running Carbonite, so it must run in such a way that it gives priority to all other programs as far as bandwidth use goes.

Even though the specs state that Carbonite Online PC Backup only works on Windows XP, I am having no problems thus far running it on Windows Vista.

The only reason I could see that Carbonite wouldn't be a wise purchase for you would be if (1) You didn't care about backing up your files, (2) You keep many of your important files on external hard drives or networked drives, or (3) if you have a slow internet connection.

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