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Arquivo de idioma correto! (01.12.2006)

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MVT: One of the Most Valuable Tools as I Read and Work

I know it's weird to be reviewing some highlighters, but here I go. These highlighters are among my most used items I own. The quality of the highlighter is excellent, neither too dark or too light. It is generally not visible through pages unless you let the pen sit for a long time on the page. It goes on smoothly. But I would not write a review of a highlighter if all it was was a good highlighter. What these things have going for them is that they have the Post-It tabs built in (and refills come with). So as you highlight and take notes, you can easily flag that page for followup later on.

When I read, I highlight on and write all over my pages and oftentimes I think, "When I finish reading, I want to write about what I just read," or, "I want to copy down that quote." Now I can easily flag that page and come back to it when I'm done. No more dog-eared pages.

I work as a Realtor as well and I often go out into the field with a client with a binder filled with 200+ listings. As we sit down, we highlight important information and note what properties we want to go see. So rather than flipping through the binder to find the properties we marked or rather than taking the pages out of the binder, we can simply flag them. That way, the binder stays intact and organized.

It's odd but true, One of my most useful and efficiency-promoting pieces of property is so simple and so inexpensive. Keep reading

RealOne Rhapsody, The Best Streaming Audio in My Opinion

I've tried Musicmatch On Demand and RealOne Rhapsody to listen to different kinds of music as background sound for my computer work lately. I've had a one-year membership to Musicmatch On Demand, which is awesome; but I recently signed up for a and found that RealOne has more of the artists that I listen to: More instrumental and classical music and more Christian artists. Basically with both of these services, for a monthly fee less than a cd, you can get unlimited access to listen to specific tracks that you want from almost any somewhat-mainstream cd you can think of. I've discovered tons of artists and songs that I love that I never would have known of otherwise. Both of the services offer the ability to purchase the tracks that you love so that you can burn them onto a cd or load them on your iPod or mp3 player. Sorry for the off-topic post, but I just thought that I'd post my thoughts for anybody who was interested in on-demand streaming access to music tracks.