Review: "Found: God's Will" by MacArthur

Found: God's Will by MacArthur is a small, short 61-page booklet that quickly distills down the Bible's answer to the question, "What is God's will for my life?" This is not primarily an in-depth study of the nuances of God's will or the difference between his sovereign will and his moral will. It pastorally addresses those who are seeking to know God's specific will for their life. Many are paralyzed to inactivity because they fear that what they want to do might be outside of God's will. We know that God desires that best for His children so we want to make sure that we don't ruin his plans, and thus we want to know God's will: Should I go to this school or that one? Which job should I take? Should I marry? Whom should I marry/date?

While MacArthur's treatment of the answer to that question is no where near exhaustive (you might want to consult Friesen and Maxson's Decision making and the Will of God for an attempt at a more exhaustive answer and exploration of God's will), his book gets quickly and effectively to the heart of the matter by expositionally applying many of the Biblical texts that talk specifically about God's will. The summary of the book's contents about God's revealed specific will is that you be
  1. Saved
  2. Spirit-filled
  3. Sanctified
  4. Submissive
  5. Suffering

If you are within God's revealed will on those 5 areas (each of which gets a chapter), then the conclusion is to do whatever you want. MacArthur writes,

"You see, the will of God is not primarily a place. The will of God is not, first of all, for you to go there or work here. The will of God concerns you as a person. If you are the right you, you can follow your desires and you will fulfill His will."

Found: God's Will is a quick read and a great place to start in your desire to discover what God's will is for your life. I am no great speed reader and I finished the book in about two hours even reading the Biblical references and taking notes as I went. As an introduction and a tool to set your heart aright in your search for God's will, buy and read Found: God's Will by John MacArthur.