Clichéd Christianity

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Clichéd Christianity

I just read Tim Challies' very good post on our (meaning Christians in general) contentment with the comfortable, the overused, the trite, and the unhelpful. As our world faces huge disasters everyday on one hand and monotonous pointlessness on the other, we need answers for life that go much deeper than simply spouting off a phrase that we read or heard or think sounds profound. We need truth and we need to humbly wrestle with misery and mystery.

This weight is resting very heavily upon my heart tonight. I just returned from an anxiety support group which was being held at a local church here in Chandler, AZ. My obligatory attendance was based on a nursing school assignment. The group purported to be Christian, but the answers given for dealing with anxiety were no better than the worlds, no they were the world's: Deep breath, relax, distract yourself, and trust in your Higher Power. Suffering people were drawn to this group which claimed it would provide solutions and answers to their overwhelming anxiety with the world. My mention of Philippians 4:6-7 and the insinuation (based on Christ in the boat with the disciples asking "Where is your faith?") that extreme anxiety may be sin for which the solution would be repentance was met with blank stares and a change of subject. The claim that prayer, thanking God, trusting God, and casting our cares upon God was assumed to be nothing more than just another "coping mechanism" similar to cathartic conversation, positive self-talk, and distraction. My God is just as good as your God and it doesn't matter what we believe about Him, just as long as He (or She) helps you feel better about yourself and be less stressed. I was struck with the glaring and painful truth that this is the message of much of Christiandom and the message that I think gets through to peoples ears when we use terms that have been robbed and clichéd by "Evangelicalism".

Scripture offers nothing to unbelievers to mitigate any temporal suffering. Their only hope is if someone will show them that their suffering in this present world is nothing compared to what they face in eternity if they continue in their unbelief. For believers suffering in this world is mitigated by the promises of God for eternal life and all the ramifications so associated.
by: GWoods () - 13 October '05 - 11:33
miss ya bro thanks for being a faithful friend would love to touch base Grandma has taken a turn for the worse and is at Scottsdale hospital Pls pray that shell submit to a a group home ARDC group homes are run by a latino minister and his wife—That one was the last one on the list and my mom or I never got a chance to see it but it could be a good fit.
by: ScottyB () (URL) - 19 October '05 - 21:02
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Title: Clichéd Christianity
Date posted: 12 October '05 - 02:00
Category: Blogs, psychology
Wordcount: 334 words
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