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Holy Hip Hop: The Musical Side of African American Revival

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Holy Hip Hop: The Musical Side of African American Revival

"I think that every revival of sorts has often been accompanied by musical revivals."

Thabiti Anyabwile speaks of God's use to bring a resurgence of God honoring, cross-centered theology particularly among America's African-American youth:

So if you are looking to get started with some of the best "Holy-Hip Hop" let me suggest the following albums in the following order:

The Atonement by Shai Linne

Killing Sin by Timothy Brindle

Rebel by LeCrae

Some others:

13 Letters by 116 Clique
Anything by iSix:5 (guys from my church)
20/20 by Trip Lee
Progression & Crucible by Curtis "Voice" Allen
The Solus Christus Project & Storiez by Shai Linne

I would say anything that is done with Reach Records, Lamp Mode, and allot of Cross Movement Records.
by: Brian Shultz - 21 January '09 - 10:36
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