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The Design of Sin Is Domination & Death

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The Design of Sin Is Domination & Death

The design of sin lies not in the particular temptation, but to make it a means to obtain dominion over the soul. And the consideration hereof should keep believers always on their guard against all the motions of sin, though the matter of them seem but small, and the occasions of them such as are not like to return; for the aim and tendency of every one of them is dominion and death, which they will compass if not stopped in their progress. 

This dominion of sin is that which we have here security given us [true believers] against. Though it will abide in us, though it will contend for rule by deceit and force, yet it shall not prevail, it shall not have the dominion.And this is a case of the highest importance unto us. Our souls are, and must be, under the rule of some principle or law; and from this rule our state is determined and denominated. We are either “servants of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness,” Rom. 6:16.

John Owen
Works of John Owen vol 7
A Treatise On the Dominion of Sin & Grace
p. 507

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Title: The Design of Sin Is Domination & Death
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