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Amazon Gift Cards,, & My Birthday

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Amazon Gift Cards,, & My Birthday

This blog is my corner of the web where through writing I force myself to to diligent in thought. It acts as a diary of sorts, documenting through quotes what I'm reading, through essays what I'm thinking, and through photos what I'm doing. I have been told by others that this has been a blessing to them as well. For this I praise God.

I certainly do not run the blog for the money. If I did, it would be a losing proposition as I'm sure the money made through ads compared with the time spent writing and working on it would make my take-home pay pennies per hour. I barely make enough to pay for hosting the site.

Nevertheless, I do have ads on the site and when you click on them (or follow some of the links to products I review), I get a very small amount of monetary remuneration. Also, many people I know and love read the blog; some of these people even buy me birthday presents. Now i get to the point of the post:

Amazon is offering a very good commission this month on sales of gift certificates. These gift certificates can be used whenever and make great birthday gifts for your favorite friend, family member, or blogger (in fact they would be the preferred gift of many friends, family members, and bloggers). You don't have to worry about losing Amazon gift certificates as you can add it to your Amazon account and automatically withdraw funds with each purchase, an excellent way to budget and keep track of Amazon spending. They probably even make good stocking stuffers. All of this and you support me and my blog for free...sort of. Just click the banner below to stock up.

by: tim mellberg () - 11 7 '08 - 14:39
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Title: Amazon Gift Cards,, & My Birthday
Date posted: 05 7 '08 - 14:46
Category: Bargains, blogging, Quick notes
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