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Hilary & Obama Trying to Degod God

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Hilary & Obama Trying to Degod God

Why Obama & Clinton will never get my vote.
Listen carefully to Hilary. She is advocating that each person's own belief about when life start determines when a baby's life begins. So she is elevating the pregnant woman to the position of God: If she determines that she wants to the "potential life to be life...Life. If she decides that the potential life is not to be life. Attempting to degod God and put the pregnant woman on God's throne in one of the most significant ways possible: Creation of life.
Interesting interpretation of this clip, Jacob. I got something else out of this video.
First, listening to Obama, I would conclude that he is 1) uncertain about the start of life, 2) he thinks this is an important issue and 3) because of this he is uncomfortable stating his opinion. In terms of Hillary (yes, this is how you spell her name), I hear her stating her prochoice view, that is, women should have the choice to decide if life starts at conception. Why is this surprising? Further, how is this de-goding God (as you term it)? Because Obama is uncertain (which I sure many Christians are) about this issue doesn’t necessarily mean that he is de-goding God – I’m not following your argument.

At the beginning of your post, you state that this is why neither Clinton or Obama will get your vote. From that, I conclude that your vote is likely to go to John McCain, unless of course you don’t plan to vote. Are you comfortable with McCain’s stance on the Iraq war? As a Christian, how can you be comfortable with the war in which nearly 4,000 soldiers and over 300,000 civilians have been killed? In fact, guided by Jesus’ teachings, how can you be comfortable with war at all??? I’m just not sure how you reconcile this with your beliefs.
I think your post reflects that you’ve chosen to focus on “Christian issues” or the issues deemed important by YOUR interpretation of the Bible. To me, a vote for Clinton or Obama would be more consistent with my faith (based on my interpretation of the Bible) than would a vote for McCain.
by: Mary () - 16 3 '08 - 21:50
Mary, thank you for your comment. Relating to degoding God, I was referring specifically to Hilary’s comment and only by association Obama’s lack of commitment which ultimately puts him in the same boat: Each person decides for themselves when their fetus becomes a person. God is the one that creates life and that is why murder is so wrong; you are destroying that which was made by God in his image. Abortion, because it is killing a completely defenseless human being is wrong, but I was pointing out something maybe even worse…justifying the act by claiming that you (the individual) has the power to create life or to determine that life is not life, an inherently God-only capacity.

As for the war, to the degree that it is unjust and to the degree that innocent people are unjustly being killed, it is wrong. I am not convinced however that we are in the worse of two positions (either the old regime in place or where we are now). Furthermore, let’s consider together that it was the absolute wrong thing to do to go to war. Now what? What will bring the worse outcome, what will bring the most death, and what will bring the most justice and opportunity. I have my thoughts on that, but regardless, it is not as cut-and-dry and issue as killing a life for convenience nor as the defense that an individual has the right to decide when and if a life is a life (for one person the xygote is life for another, it isn’t life until birth, and maybe more dramatically it isn’t a life until it can feed itself). Just as in the war “Might does not make right” (i.e. just because we’re stronger doesn’t make the war the right decision) in the case of abortion too, “Might does not make right.”
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