J.B. Watkins On Transracial Adoption and The Gospel

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J.B. Watkins On Transracial Adoption and The Gospel

Carolina Hope a helpful interview with JB Watkins on "Transracial Adoption and the Gospel". As my wife and I desire to continue the crawl that is the adoption process, trying to Carolina Hope's blog has been helpful sorting through my thoughts and refining my motives and desires.Pivot » Entries

You will also want to read Thabiti Anyabwile's interview on the same subject. 

Another great resource on adoption: Raw Christianity blog is an excellent site full of extended meditation and application of how God's Word and God's love should affect our views on and pursuit of adoption.

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Title: J.B. Watkins On Transracial Adoption and The Gospel
Date posted: 13 Octubre '07 - 01:01
Category: Adoption
Wordcount: 122 words
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