The House Show by Derek Webb

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The House Show by Derek Webb

Christ-Centered Preaching And the Intimacy of A House Show

I was so excited when I got my "House Show" cd. As I say in my "She Must and Shall Go Free" review of Webb's first cd, although I was annoyed at first by the style, I have grown to be challenged by his lyrics and his heart. He has challenged me to love the church, and by loving the church, loving those who are in it. He has challenged my weak view of my own sin and confronted me on one of my worst, hiding those sins from others to make myself more "worthy" to God and more attractive to others. This makes my sin small, and therefore makes my Savior small in my mind.

Maybe I started to get comfortable with the heart-wrenching lyrics of "She Must and Shall Go Free," and then comes "The House Show." The cd is a live recording of one of Derek Webb's many house shows, nothing more than intimate, livingroom concerts. Not only are many of the songs that made the first cd great on this one, but there are a couple Caedmon's Call songs, and one from his following cd, "I See Things Upside Down." The best thing though is the talking between tracks. Normally I despise talking on a cd saying, "I bought this cd for the music, not your preaching." But that's the thing, Derek's music has prepared my heart for his preaching during the last 6 month's that I've owned his first album and listened to it at least two times a week. Now, his heart is poured out as he explains his songs and preaches the same message that make his lyrics so poignant: We must hear the gospel, preaching it to ourselves and each other, every day; we must never diminish our own sin; If we love Jesus, we will love the church (and all those in the church); community is a necessary part of Christianity. (We also get a personal glimpse into his life as he tells the story of his grandma and the song "Dance."

If you do not yet own "She Must and Shall Go Free," go buy that and let its message penetrate your soul. It may take a few listenings, but listen and pray through the very needed message that Derek Webb brings us there. Then buy "The House Show."

If you already own and love "She Must and Shall Go Free," then immediately buy this cd. It will be one of your favorite.

I’ll add it to my BMG cart. I’ve thought about it, but kept on flaking out. BTW, I found you from an Amazon review and like what I see on the blog. Keep it up!
by: Doug () (URL) - 15 June '06 - 19:20
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