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Frosty Fix 'n Mix

Just in case any of you out there are like me and absolutely love Wendy's Frosties (Frosty's, any grammar gurus might want to let me know how that would be correctly written), I would like to take a few seconds out of my busy life to let you and the rest of the world know not to fall prey to the Frosty Fix 'n Mix. It's a rip off. I love Frosties (Frosty's?); my wife loves them more. So we pull up to Wendy's and for our regular $0.99 small Frosty and our curiosity lead us away: "A Frosty Fix 'n Mix? What is that? Oh it's a Frosty with Oreo's, Butterfinger, or M&M's. Must be like a McFlurry or a Blizzard."

Nope. Instead for my extra forty cents or so, they take my small frost and make it a mini, give it to me in a short and squatty clear plastic cup and then give me a little baggy of crumbled Oreos. If I had known that's all it was I would have crumbled my own Oreo.

So anyway, just in case you are curious and want to try a Wendy's Frosty Fix 'n Mix, don't.
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Title: Frosty Fix 'n Mix
Date posted: 16 June '05 - 00:46
Category: Journal
Wordcount: 207 words
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