500+ Essential-to-Know Aquarium Species

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500+ Essential-to-Know Aquarium Species

Biggest Bang for the Buck

A review of two books, Marine Fishes by Scott Michael and Marine Invertebrates by Ronald Shimek: The two 500+ Essential-to-Know Aquarium Species Books are the biggest bang-for-your-buck aquarium stocking and general information books out there. Even though both of the books, Marine Fishes (ISBN: 1890087386 by Scott W. Michael) & Marine Invertebrates (ISBN: 1890087661 by Ronald Shimek) are pocket guides, they offer so much more information than the other books that I have seen. They don't waste space telling you about fish that you will never see in an aquarium and instead give relatively in-depth information on the species that you are likely to encounter. Neither do they present the information in hard-to-decode picture format; they use sentences: A very underused communicated technique in most aquarium handbooks out there. Not only is the selection of species perfect but the provided information on care is perfect as well. The Marine Fishes version provides the following well-presented information on each fish:
  • A color picture
  • Scientific name (genus & species)
  • Common name
  • Maximum size
  • Minimum suggested aquarium size
  • Aquarium suitability index
  • Reef aquarium compatibility
  • Captive care tips and information
Likewise, in an equally well-presented manner, A PocketExpert Guide to Marine Invertebrates: 500+ Essential-to-Know Aquarium Species presents the following information on each specimen discussed:
  • A color picture
  • Scientific name (genus & species)
  • Common name
  • Maximum size
  • Naturally-occurring range
  • Lighting requirements
  • Foods & feeding
  • Aquarium suitability/Reef aquarium compatibility
  • Captive care tips and information
Don't take my word for it, just try it with a few species that you already have in your tank or that you are considering buying by using Amazon.com's "Search inside the book feature." You can click on the text within this review or on the pictures of each book to take you to the Amazon.com sales pages for the respective book. I recommend you buy these on Amazon.com; you get free shipping (with a $25 order) and don't have to pay sales tax.
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