The Value of Hanging Out

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The Value of Hanging Out

Jim Elliff speaking on "The Value of Hanging Out" writes that the value lies in building relationships. And he's not talking of just hanging out with friends, but of doing what you might rather do at home, where you won't be bothered (i.e. reading, blogging, writing, etc) in a location where you want to be bothered. I recommend you read the essay and then go buy Mark Dever's book The Gospel and Personal Evangelism which speaks of many of the same things. Then let's do it.

Then let me challenge myself and others to go the next step...With those who we hang out with in the neutral location of a coffee shop or restaurant or commons at a University, let's demonstrate radical hospitality (follow the link to see what I'm talking about). Christian, at cost to ourselves, let us emulate the love of Christ by meeting real physical needs AND bringing them the good news that Christ has met their ultimate needs.

This truly is an area where I need to grow. If you know me, consider this an invitation to accountability in this area.

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Title: The Value of Hanging Out
Date posted: 27 Octubre '07 - 05:33
Category: evangelism, Gospel
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